• Energy Production: ca. 32.4 MW, ca. net 225 GWh steam per year
  • Output: Industrial Steam
  • Energy offtaker: Borregaard
  • Waste Fuel: ca. 80,000 tons per year
  • COD: 2010
  • Sustainability: Modern fuel-flexible system with high environmental standards which allow for significant reduction of heavy oil fuel use and consequently decrease of CO2 emissions. The facility ensures good balance between material and energy recovery. ISO 14001 Certified.


Non pre-processed waste received is coarse grinded and metal is partially separated:

  • Indoor reception hall with airlocks: The waste can be delivered as processed fuel or as mixed waste for further preparation. The waste can be supplied by container, side dump, "walking floor" or as bales for unloading.
  • Receiving pocket: Truck empties fuel/waste in the receiving pocket.
  • Waste cranes: Cranes take from receiving pocket and put the waste either as finished fuel in the fuel bunker, directly to the mill and metal screening, or to intermediate storage in the waste bunker. Processed fuel is lifted automatically to waste shafts based on the ovens need. All waste is ground on the plant whether it is churned in advance or not.
  • Large metals are rejected from grinding and metal screening is unloaded into separate container for material recycling.


  • Two furnaces with subsequent drop chamber: The boiler ensures a good energy recovery from the fuel. The boiler produces saturated steam at 22 bar (220C) which comes directly into the Borregaard steam line at approximately 12 bar.
  • Fuels and flue gas burned through patented gasification technology: This provides high boiler efficiency, excellent burnout (low CO in the flue gas and low Total Organic Carbon (“TOC”) content of the bottom ash) and very low NOx emissions (even without the use of ammonia).
  • After burn, the flue gases are cleaned through the intervention of a ready mix of activated carbon (4%) and chalk before the flue gas is filtered through bag filter.
  • In total, the technology utilized has low emissions, documented over several years from the existing facilities
  • Filter dust is loaded into separate silos for removal and final disposal to NOAH, Langøya.
  • The well burned bottom ash is loaded into separate piles for removal to landfill. Bottom ash is finely fractionated and contains relatively little metal. It is thus suitable for reuse.


  • The steam is delivered to Borregaard via pipelines owned by Borregaard.
  • To support production, Borregaard supplies several services to SAE, such as feed water, cooling water and compressed air.